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I strangely want a giant pet spider now...

I've finally checked it out~

It's longer than episode 1 for sure~

I was kinda hoping the two cases between Bessie and The Weasels are related but apparently not! It was nice~

I played the first episode a while back and this follow-up was incredibly fun! Looking forward to more!

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed this installment as well! More is certainly on the way :)

So, after my first video of case one, here is my walkthrough of case two of your fantastic visual novel. As with the first one, I loved the visual style, voice acting, music and sound effects, as well as the brilliant storyline. It’s brilliant to see it how the characters are developing. The storyline is really captivating and I can’t wait to see more from you guys. I would like to see more decision making in the game, but I know that isn’t something you wanted to incorporate. Either way, your visual novels really should get more attention and feedback!  
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Hey thanks for being the first streamer/YouTuber to play the second one! I'm glad you liked this one too! As for more decisions, I am planning to incorporate more gameplay features like branching dialogue and point and click segments in future chapters, but it's never going to be anything that changes the outcome of the story because that gets really complicated, really fast. I'm still one person doing all the art, writing, and programming for this, so I kind of have to limit the scope if I'm going to get chapters out in a timely manner haha. I'm aiming to have the next one done later this summer!