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Waiting for the next episode, and waiting for the inevitable reunion of one confused-not-so-reasonable frontman with the other charming-suspiciously-vampire frontman :)))

Nice~ Although I feel like it's kind of lacking than the other two because I don't see the other people in the teams a lot? I think I don't even see Thief talking at all. Though it could also be a good things, like focusing on one of the member, Corey~ But yeah was kinda hoping to see more of the team.

No android version?

That's on my to-do list, just haven't gotten that far yet.

ahh thanks for answer ehehehe.....this story LGBTQ+ too author??..sorry bother you...eheheh

It's not a romance, so don't expect TOO much, but a large chunk of the cast is somewhere on the LGBT spectrum, yes.

hehehe....waaah.okeey...can't wait....thanks for answer

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you!! I'm glad you like it!