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Pet The Dog is a very short visual novel where you meet a rather unusual dog. Do you dare to pet it?

[[Very slight content warning for vague/implied violence towards animals.]]

This game is meant to be a sort of prequel/spin-off to my series Play Dead! If you want more ghost dog, check out the first chapter here.


((OKAY this was meant to be for the O2A2 Jam but I went to upload it and realized I'd missed the submission deadline by like two hours because I moved to a different time zone recently and didn't notice it was that late. So uh, now it just exists on its own I guess. Enjoy petting the dog (or not).))

((I'm pretty sure I broke a jam rule or two anyway, honestly.))


Art, Writing, and Programming: Hazu

Dog Bark Sound: Rebecca Chiara Marano

Music: "The Pumpkin Head" by Frank Schröter


PetTheDog-1.0-pc.zip 97 MB
PetTheDog-1.0-mac.zip 71 MB


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