Thanks again + moving forward!

Hello again!

So, uh, this thing got over 500 downloads in its first month, and maybe that doesn't sound like a lot to some bigger devs out there, but it very much surpassed my expectations.

I've also had enough people show interest in seeing more that I feel it's a worthwhile endeavor to continue the series (and also I...kinda just want to). More chapters are currently being written; I'm trying to get a decent buffer of writing together before I start doing any art or programming, so I wouldn't expect to see another one released until probably early 2021. Since I'm now writing it specifically for the visual novel format, I'd like to actually incorporate some interactive bits in future chapters, though they'll still technically be linear stories.

However! I do have a handful of doodles and designs for side characters that will make appearances in future installments:

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who gave the game a try! At some point I'm going to release a slightly updated version of this first chapter with a few typo fixes and other minor adjustments, but it probably won't be anything major.

That's all for now! I'll try to remember to post updates here now and then for anyone who wants to know what's going on without following the rest of my ramblings on Twitter. If there's anything you'd be interested to see in the series moving forward, by all means let me know!

Thanks again,


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